BJU Press Christian Curriculum aka Bob Jones-Biblically integrated, and Academically Rigorous Christian Textbooks.

From its founding in 1974, BJU Press set out to create a series of textbooks, teacher support materials, and other educational resources based on three core principles—biblical worldview, critical thinking skills, and academic rigor.  Today, with many textbooks into third and fourth editions, BJU Press has uniquely accomplished its goal, and is now leading the way in providing digital resources for teachers and students that are based on the same core principles.

What sets BJU Press apart from others?

  1. Biblical Woldview. Because BJU Press materials are created by committed Christian authors from the ground up, biblical integration is not an afterthought or simply tacked on to another program.  BJU Press continues to improve the precision and impact of a fully developed biblical worldview through each subject.
  2. Critical Thinking Development. Deep learning, rather than mere surface level or rote memory, is the pedagogical goal of BJU Press.  Student texts and higher level review questions are written to help students understand “why,” not just memorize “what.”  Since learning should be developmentally appropriate, multisensory, and fun, Teacher Editions are filled with suggestions and tips designed to “Teach for Understanding.”
  3. Academic Rigor. Christian schools have a responsibility to academically prepare their students for continuing education, and for the roles that God has planned for their futures. BJU Press shares that burden and has built an academic product based on state and national subject standards.  Visit to learn how BJU Press compares in standardized testing.
  4. Technology Tools for Teachers. BJU Press is the leading Christian publisher in providing digital tools for teachers and students.